1920’s Mom and Friends!

Mom 1920's 001

This is  a picture of  my   Mother in the  1920’s!  Mom is the good looking gal with the pearl necklace.  I think one of the other girls would be her next door neighbor, Martha Huffman.  The  house does not look  like where my  Mother lived with her parents, but this is taken in North Saint Louis, Missouri.   Maybe you know  where this location is and can let me know?  Sure would like to know what they have planned to do?   They are all so  smartly  dressed and all have such nice hair-do’s.  But,  in those days everybody was always dressed   to  entertain  “royally?    Today,   the high fashion  is in jeans and shorts  –  even in church?   We sure do  a wild   about  change  in our attire!

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