“Research and research until Photos were found”

When one first starts a new project… there is no thought as to how long this project will last… so…will I enjoy doing what I am starting… can I give at least one full hour and or more time if necessary to do an adequate job… will I always find the necessary materials to make this project interesting to others and fully enjoy that which I have started?

So referring back to the post… “We have a KING in the Family” …I did some research and did find those PHOTOS that I had …  and finally able to now decide on those that I will add to our day in the “FENTON  PARK” showing just exactly how our “Little Billy” looked as he gave the JUDGES a big smile and a wave of his right arm… as I had inspired him to do!


and…  “This little Billy with his Mother Mary…and he is raising his hand as he is telling them his name is BILLY…with a very big smile!

and… This is little BILLY when he was called up as the WINNER… to be crown “KING” and reign for a year!


and… This is Baby Alan with his Mother…and “Alan” maybe and I am guessing…six weeks… as his birthday was July 1st… and was a very good baby… considering the crowd and having to wait for your turn to be brought to the JUDGES’ desk.




and… This is the baby that Won…I think because the Mother is holding the baby in a position…so as to see more of the baby… and the MOTHER is so full of smiles!

If you take a look at the people to the right of this photo… that LADY dress in a black shirt and white pants… so tall and good looking… I hate to say…that is ME!

and… Just another of the small children hoping to be selected for KING … but since they gave this photo to me… I am sitting on that picnic table and holding little Billy… either he has already been up and did his thing or still waiting…it was a long day for the children that were there… as you can see they did have a good crowd of people.

This type of event taking place with children…does take hours… and all children do tend to get tired and on the cranky side…so just be prepared for that and have some treats and or something to keep the children happy…if you want them to WIN!

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