“Some of the best Parties – Celebrate Birthdays”

“September is a very good month to have a Birthday… and then to be able to celebrate it with family and friends… makes for that day of celebration to be the best day of the year!

Yesterday was the best Birthday Party for me to celebrate and enjoy in all of the years that I have been celebrating Birthdays… and the number is up there and  I kind of think… how many more will I be around for?

When one takes the time to stop and think about Parties… “Birthday Parties”…  at first, that is  in your very first years of living… I do not think that we give them much thought… since we are only interested in receiving lots of gifts, some of which we really wanted and then there are those  gifts that we have received, that seem to have been the regular standard gifts for a child at that  given age.

As we  are getting older and maybe even maturing some… as well as seeing what friends are doing on their Birthdays… we start to compare and even take notice,  that maybe I should voice my opinion and see if it will make a difference in what is going on…  in this game of LIFE?

In many years of “Birthdays” going by each and every year just seems that the same old two and four are the standards, that most families follow and Birthdays come and go with none ever being what you would call memorable … something to put in the “memory box” to remember… just in case you are not LUCKY… to be there to celebrate the next one coming up… in just one more year?

Yesterday was a “game changer” for me, as I am getting up there on that higher end of that calendar of no return….can not plan on doing any “reDos” in this LIFE time game… just continuing on with the “march of time”… and that march is getting into a  faster  high step plan… one that most of us are not really ready for…now that I am taking  the time to think about things!

Just so… that no one will ever forget… “Last evening was a “RED”  letter day on my calendar!”

This “Birthday Party” for me was pefect!  I can say that because there is nothing in the world that I can think of… to complain about! 

I can state the above because …I am one of those types that find a fault and or problem to complain about something faster than anyone I know!

Must be something that some people and I am one of those types that at any time… find something that was not just “so so” right… and the whole wide world needs to hear about it… and I can tell the world each and every little flaw… and  as long as  there is someone to listen… I can just keep on complaining!

Last night was the most wonderful  “Birthday Party” of all the “Birthday Parties”  that were given just for me!

My Birthday is on Sunday… but since there are so many that have Birthdays in September…my Birthday was celebrated a couple days early… so as others could also have a great Birthday Party, too!

The day  was a wonderful day… the guests so wonderful and happy and everyone doing so many nice things…  the meal was of all those foods that I like… that are good for you and even the “Birthday Cake” made so extra special… with the decorations and with lots of candles…I do believe “one too many” for me to blow out… but I  did have FUN trying to blow…had to get fresh wind three times…to do it!

And when you talk about gifts for me… would you believe that  family and friends know better than I know myself… they had  just exactly those things,  that I like and will use forever and so I have to give … Thanks  to the Almighty Yahweh… that He will bless each and everyone of those at the Party with more Blessings than they have ever wished for in all of their Lives…”A most terrific Birthday Party!”

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  • Alan says:

    Hi Grammy! I had a great time at your birthday party too!! What a wonderful day and what a wonderful post, sharing your party with the rest of the world, reminding us to cherish special moments with family and to take time to enjoy the simple things life has to offer. Happy Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday too YOU!…and many more!! Love you!

  • Mary Ellen says:


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