“Today is First Monday after Thanksgiving Day”

This card … we received for “Thanksgiving Day” this year …

from Lee and Darlene,  and the message is so wonderful…

just feel that I must share with the whole wide world!


If…  it can not be clear to everyone …I am writing \copying  it just so that  we can all copy and post elsewhere… to remember …

that we all need to be  “GRATEFUL” and being of a nature that will “SHARE and CARE” for others… so that our “DREAMS”

and “FREEDOM” will last forever from “Generation to Generation…”

while  also lasting for all of our tomorrows!

************          **************          ***********

         Especially   at 


               let us be grateful

            for the FREEDOM

                           we share,

                     the opportunities 

                           we enjoy,

            and the promise

              of  DREAMS…

                           for us and for 

                     the generations  of



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