“It is GOOD to Share Goodness Today”

Rejoice and Be Glad, Today!

This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad, PS.118:24!

  And, would you believe – Today   the Sun is shinning brightly on the sparkling  snow,  no wind  at all … just real nice peace  and quiet  and  looks like this  “world is standing still”  for  us to enjoy… as it seems… the WORLD  wants  its picture to be taken NOW!

That PS.118:24 wording   is on the inside of the egg carton, and for years “Grandma” does need to use a magnifier  to read the  small print.

This was a real “Discovery”  for me…  to start my  “Day”  with  that  small prayer. 

Its right there – you  just have to read it  –  to start the  “Day” properly!

Most mornings start with “eggs” and  what a “good habit” to get into  – a Bible verse also will help make this  day, just perfect!

We do need to start checking the carton and wrapper and all the attached paper work with our consumable merchandise  –  its better to know what you are using before its too late   – and its never too late to bless the companies and corporations  for providing the best quality  items  needed to  keep “America” strong!

To the “Egg Industry”  my “Thanks” for starting my “Day with a wish for gladness and joy!

After some time… I did tale the time to call the “Egg Carton  Provider” just to say  “Thanks” for giving me an inspirational message, and that I hope that their “Company is well blessed!” 

My wish was for them to pass my thoughts on to all the employees for a job well done.  I’m guessing they never received a call about something like that?    D.V.

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