“When Did YOU Start To Watch Television”

It just seems to me,  that “Television” has become a  “killer of time” and a “DO NOT DO” opportunity for the majority of people today.

Lately, I see and hear of too many people… that have very important things to do, each and every day, but for some reason, that I can not figure out… can not be reach… even if it were the end of the world!

We all come into this world with a certain “Time  Stamp” of Time. We have no idea of how long we will be here on planet, “EARTH”… and, as we are growing up… some of us, see things  and do extra special  things to improve our LIFE, with certain abilities to work and improve LIFE for others and ourselves. Those are the “ones” using as much “TIME” as possible to get things done NOW!

Generations past, did not have “Television” and many may have heard that “Idleness is the Devils’ workshop” … and  they kept themselves  busy  all the day long, and even into to the “wee hours” of the night.


 We do need to find things to do, and  keep doing that which is important to us.

I  do remember before “Television” … we were making creative items with our hands … as I would have something in my hands to crochet and or embroider… and  I would take an item  with me,  so  that… if I ever had to  just wait somewhere…  my hands were very busy making a very special item that would be used for a gift…  at sometime  in the future.

“Do NOT be that… that one that has to only watch… and  continue to watch without being disturbed… and this is  for today … and ends up being every day!


In the last weeks of  my watching “TV” when… I am about to  eat  Supper…I have found that … there is really no sense to watching “TV” at all … a complete waste of  TIME!     

Just too many commercials and interruptions … so as to loose the thought of the program  and or… not making  any sense it that which the commercials should be advertising  for… as they also state loud and clear  to the viewer … do not use if you have this and that because you could die… so why not… let “DOCTORS” tell their patients what they need… instead of a “TV” commercial… that is too  vague from start to finish…  and could  end  up being sued… for mis-information.                                


And…  in my opinion…the movies  are terrible…are the worse of all time… nothing at all like they were years ago… with good  entertaining  and interesting stories and  having very good actors… that knew what acting was all about!

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