“Let Us All Celebrate the Ninth of January”

It is a “#9” Day!

Is this  a “Good Day” or what? 

What did we say when  we were kids… at least a hundred years ago or so… 


“#9 riding on  the Chicago Line!?” 

 Today… that still sounds good,  but have no idea … just exactly to what  we, children are thinking, when  we were jumping rope  and keeping  in time,  with a lot of   very fast-pace  –  sing-song  verses.


Come to think about those days of  jumping rope…All  of those magic verses  for us to keep in  TIME with… we  have now so quickly forgot… when it came to entering  into our teens.


Remember hearing when… I was a youngster  – “youth is wasted on the young”  –  the only thing  I can think of  – that – that  means  to me, today… I just don’t have the strength  of   ole “Sampson”  to do, all those things that are  needed… to be done today?


When I was young  and had so much strength  –  I hate to say it – but  did  waste it  – not doing those  much more  important  things in “Life!”


If only we could  inspire our younger generations, with more understanding  of this “Life”  thing…  as it will be  unfolding,  and just exactly what they will need, and at what age –  so as to have a  wonderful “Vision” – a –  “Goal”  … workable  ideas with plans  to strive to something that they will enjoy doing… because to work at a job that you do not enjoy doing…  You will never ever succeed.


To succeed in the work that you choose to do everyday…  that “WORK” must be something that is like “Play Time”  as when you were a youngster… YOU wanted to do it all day and  everyday  and all night… if only they would let you!


Some of us never receive instruction along those lines… and all through LIFE are looking, but, while not receiving … he guidance from someone that really cares to instruct and work with you …  your days and all of your time on Earth… just do not seem to be fulfilled in that way … “YOU” were dreaming, that they would be.


Always working toward and  being fully committed to accomplish that  most important “DREAM”  that you had in the very beginning of your young LIFE… never ever, let it ;slip away!

   So, that and  after that  “Half-way Mark”  in LIFE… one can  NOW…see their  “Prize”  before them!  And, ultimately in their  hands!

“It is a great day to be born on the “9th!””


“Happy Birthday to  “Al and ALYSSA” – my Son and Grand-daughter – both born on the same wonderful day  – the “9th” of JANUARY!”   D.V.

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