“Why WE All Love Our FAMILY Today”

Psalm 139

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This page is from a very old Bible  – Psalm 139  is really suited for this week of January, 2021… since this week is  for us,  to celebrate LIFE and FAMILY .

It seems that most people living today,  just have no idea at all, that each and every human LIFE  was preordained, by our Creator and that…there are no accidents of   a LIFE, as to when each and every child should be allowed to be born.

There is a very special reason for all of us… that means each and everyone of us humans…  and the sooner we  start to figure out… just exactly that which we were created for and the walk of Life, that we should take… the what  we  are here for and learn to be content with  just exactly  where  we are… so much the better… then we can all  start to live in harmony!

Some time ago I had heard on a radio program that… “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  So I had to find where that came from and found that in verse 14 of  Psalm  139.  

Once, that I had found this Psalm, and read it… there is just so much important information here… that  will answer so many questions…  that all of us have.

My hope is that anyone who has questions about their birth… please take the time to read  and re-read this Psalm, just to …  see if you can find those answers to most  of  the questions  that you and  your friends are asking – and  then you will be helping them, by  being able to tell them,  where they can find all of the correct  answers !

“Pass this  very good information on to all of your family and friends, as everyone will LOVE you – –  for…  your sincere LOVE of them!”          D.V.

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