“BABY Photos” “One Generation to Another Generation”

“Now… Start Counting Your Blessings… instead of sheep…”

…and this the latest  addition to our family … little Miss Ruby, herself”


and… in this next Photo is little Miss Alyssa when she was a small child… looking after her brand new little baby sister, our little  Miss Jaime…


and…. in this PHOTO… which I took of our brand new baby, Al… as he looks as if he  is talking to big brother, Lee… 

These Photos of big Sister and big Brother looking after the newest person added to the family is really something for them to try to comprehend… something so new and different… wondering as to just exactly… how can,  “I” take real good and loving care for this new member of my family”

Lee & Al 001

and… This next PHOTO is our baby Al in the arms of his Daddy, Sr. and baby Al is getting his first taste of Flying and seeing that Flying in the “Air” is so much FUN… just as soon as Al could… he received his Flying license and continues to Fly… in the beautiful Blue Sky above.


and…  In the beginning … such a long time ago… this little  girl that you see on the foot steps … just getting ready to go walking with her Mommy…. is “Me Ellen” herself and my favorite words at that time were, “I’m doing!”

Looking at this old photo…I sure look as if … I am ready to do some real tough and ruff work for a living…I sure have the strength and muscles to work all day and night… if I have too… to get it done!

ME on steps 001

and…. This next PHOTO  is of my MOTHER when she was just a very young baby.

As you can see when the family had Photos taken over a hundred years ago … the person had to be dressed properly in the studio and it  did have to look nice. This Photo of MOM was evidently taken care of  and of good quality, since MOM was the thirteenth child  in the “BRADY” family.

“Isn’t wonderful how so many things of real importance in a FAMILY are preserved  and taken care of… just so that these important items in and of the family may be handed down from  one member in the family to the next member that will take of all of  those things of  special value… in this family and pass on down to the next generation!”

Baby Marie 001

“Little Marie Brady”   1900

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