Dear Mom and Dad,

1. I need to know for sure that you love me.

When you tell me you love me, I feel secure. When you show me you love me, I grow confident.

I feel loved when you give me your attention. When I come home from school and I see you don’t answer the phone because you’re spending time with me, I feel special. I see I’m more important to you than other people and other things.

When you tell me, “I made your favorite cookies,” “I made the dinner you like,” “I saw this sweater in the store, and it’s your favorite color, so I bought it for you,” I know I’m loved and feel I’m worth loving. It gives me more confidence to face the world.

2. You are the foundation of my life.

I want to please you and make you proud. Please give me positive feedback often.

I feel good when I know you like what I’m doing.

3. I love it when you make time for us to spend together.

We can go out for pizza once a month, or you can cuddle with me in my bed for a few minutes each night (when appropriate). Even though I know you also have to take care of my brothers and sisters, there are so many ways you can make me feel special.

4. I need you to listen to me.