“Today the 24th of January…Denny’s Birthday”


“Happy Birthday Baby Denny”


Denny McClarren Jr. in the arms of his Mother – Today the 24th will be the “Big 82” –  “Happy Birthday Denny” from all of us!

Denny on DeSoto 001

This looks like maybe you… the new born baby,  “Denny’s”… “first trip”  from the hospital to home!

At that time, over eighty years  ago, when this picture was taken,  the hospital  would keep the Mothers’ in the hospital for at least two  full weeks  and sometimes three weeks… but,  that is not the case today.

That’s Mom’s writing on the  top of this photo.


“Happy 82th Birthday Denny”

Denny 75 001

L – R  Mary Ellen – Denny Jr. – Marie B. McClarren

“First “Outings and Pictures” of our new addition to the Family is our extra special little, Denny H. McClarren Jr., himself”

So, today… Denny is 82 and I am 83. Looks like we are playing the game of life in growing older,  but better each year! 

Thank you,  Almighty Yahweh… for  always blessing  our “Family” with  all of Your extra special  and perpetual care,  that we have received all of these  wonderful years… for each of us… to be here on Earth… to do that which You  directed for us to do… according to that which… 

I have read in the Bible… Psalm 139…as we all, are so grateful and thankful  for your help at all of those times, we were in need … and giving us the opportunity to pass on to others, that special message …that we hope all of us… will share here  and  – forever! Amen.

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