“Getting Ready for a Big Birthday Party”

When the word gets around to all of the members in the family… even the youngest, little Miss Ruby, herself… will do whatever she can to help.

May be an image of child, standing and indoor

“Looks like…  little Miss Ruby…knew that…  that there was a special treat on the counter… that her big brother, Lex would like… and nothing is stopping her from getting that treat for the party!”

“Sure is terrific when all those in the family… know where to find special things,  that they like…and know that a PARTY is to be had soon…will help find of all those good things…   that they want to enjoy!”

Mary Ellen Aldrich
“Little Miss Ruby is so terrific… she is learning so fast from her big brother, Lex… just a real good instructor” xoxoxoxo

May be an image of baby and indoor

“Best of  all … these “NEW Shoes” for me… help me… to run and climb… where ever I want to go… and in  a big hurry!”

“Now that we have the music and the words… let us all open those  big mouths and start the singing of that most popular song… that is sung all across América today… to our most energetic young boy,  Lex…who will be having his big third Birthday Party this weekend!

and… It does look like “Little Lex” will be our next  Pilot, as he goes flying every chance he gets!

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