“SOUSA The Stars and Stripes Forever “

John Philip Sousa – 1932

Known as the March King, the U.S. Marine Band leader composed

 136 marches and recorded more than 400.


“The President’s Own” United States Marine Band recorded John Philip Sousa’s march “The Stars and Stripes Forever” on March, 3, 2009, in the John Philip Sousa Band Hall at Marine Barracks Annex in Washington, D.C.

This video was recorded for the National Museum of the Marine Corps gallery titled “A Global Expeditionary Force 1866-1916,” where visitors will find an interactive Marine Band exhibit.



Listening to this in honor of my father-in-law.
He was a WW2 veteran. He was a Marine. He passed 02/08/2020 at the age of 95.
We love you and miss you, Dad. It’s sad that I need to edit this but I’m not conservative and neither was my father-in-law.
He fought for our rights and he treated everyone equally.
When I hear this song it reminds me of back in the early 2000s when I served in the British Territorial Army.
I had the honour back then of going to the USA on attachment to the 1-188th Air Defense Artillery, North Dakota National Guard.
Each evening, a few minutes before lowering the flag on the parade square, they would play this rousing march over the loudspeakers in Camp Grafton.
It was an honour to serve alongside such a fine formation of men and women, and I have fond memories of the experience, which will forever be associated with Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever”.

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