“Happy Birthday Lex and many more forever”

“Happy Birthday Lex…”
Lex turns 3 today❗
He grows leaps and bounds with each unfolding moment.
It’s truly astonishing to observe, especially from the perspective of his Mom, who appreciates and cherishes him as wholeheartedly as humanly possible. 🥰
Every day is a fun adventure with him, and the whole world is our playground to explore.
I cherish these days of finding little toy cars in surprise places, like my underwear drawer and the kitchen spice cabinet, not to mention all the ones stuck in this house’s ventilation system forever. 😅
I will surely miss these days later in life, like when he no longer does funny toddler things, like stopping mid-bite during dinner to say, “hey Daddy, quack quack!” 🦆
The way he expresses himself and shows love gives me hope for a bright future ahead.
Cheers to many more years of an amazingly creative and wonderfully fulfilling life.
May all your birthday wishes come true today! 🎈🥳🎂

“Extra special Blessings and Greetings….  from all of the family and relatives…we all LOVE our extra special “LEX”…   NOW and forever!”

…. and many more….

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