In the video, I said “one study showed that bluebirds preferred slightly larger nest holes, 1.75 inches”
This was information I obtained directly from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
A few people pointed out that Bluebirds use a 1.5-inch nest hole, that is correct as well and I should have mentioned it.
Here is the link to Cornell for anyone who would like to read it, just go down to the nesting section. 
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A small thrush with a beautiful blue color, the Eastern Bluebird is loved by birders and non-birders alike.
Learn more in this video about how to find out what these once threatened species like to eat, how to attract Eastern Bluebirds as well learn about their nesting habits, and what you can do to help Eastern Bluebirds continue to thrive.
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Oh my! Bluebirds are so precious!!
Thank you for this video, and huge gratitude to all the people who have tried so hard to protect these beautiful birds.
Last summer a baby bluebird appeared in our driveway after a storm.
He was too young to fly and we weren’t sure what kind of bird it was.
We took him in and raised him up and turned out to be a male bluebird and we named him Pete.
Boy what a smart bird and eyesight blew me away. We did let him go when we felt he could go.
 I sure miss him, but he is happier now I am sure❤️🐦

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  • Alan says:

    Wow I didn’t know our state bird nearly went extinct! We have to do what we can to keep them thriving! Thanks for sharing Grammy!!

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