“We Can Collect New Friends Every Day”

We all start off,  on our journey  on that  one and only  “LIFE ROAD”  by ourselves and all alone!

Everyday of our LIFE…from the very beginning… someone comes along to do something for us and or to help in some special way… as most of us are unable to really do much for ourselves. All we really know… is that we are here and in a strange place… to which we are in great need of so very and many things and services, just to stay alive.

When we are LUCKY to make it  into that “FIRST YEAR” of Life…we feel our “OATS” and we feel like we have to show everyone…”We can do it… and all by ourselves!”

Every big and mighty person has a magic way of doing things… and they all think,  that they know the very  best  way for us “Little Tikes”  to do things … their way…which is so confusing to us…since everybody has a different way to do things! 

“So which way is the correct way…rather than just the RIGHT WAY?” 

Take a look at the above Photo.

I know …”Little Miss Ruby”…and not the older child.

Do you see how easy… it is, for the older child to hold the hand of  “Little Miss Ruby”and  just walk…  and walk with no problem.

Stop and think how easy it is,  for the two children to blend their thinking, that the older knows how and what to do, and the younger child knows and understands, that the  older child, since they seem to have and without words a “knowing” way, to do things correctly and  that they have that, so   very natural understanding of some kind of friendship and trust … that everything,  that they are going  to do… is  done in the correct way.

Keep your eyes wide open… on your friends… watch how they do things. Listen as well… some people have words that go forth for no good reason…evidently something is not going the correct way, and they seem to be the type  that are thinking, that by their crying out… some how…  some magic will happen and everything…  will just fall  correctly into place?

Now,  there are another type of beings…they have better brains developing in that block of wood,  that sits high on their shoulders. This type  will check their computer and or their books of reference, just  to see how this project needs to be completed.

So… before making a complete mess of things im the  wasting lots of time and   money doing things two and or three times,  as so many will do… as that is all done, way  before doing them right the first time, will  immediately get the correct directions and or instructions, and then with knowledge  will complete the project with a song in their heart… leaving them with much more time for the better things in Life… then those that have not taken that small amount of time to wise up…before doing that job correct and only once!

It is so good and  so wonderful to learn from those,  that may be only a year or two older and they know how to to something and will also lend that helping hand… to a very new and younger soul…just starting out  on that road of LIFE… especially  in those very first years!

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