“To My Favorite BEST Person ~ Miss Darlene”

“Baby Beebe!”  “Sending BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES to DARLENE”

**********     “Best Wishes- from Baby Beebe!”  **********


No  “Birthday”    could be complete, without a very “Happy Birthday to Darlene.” 

 This message  is coming from one of your very favorite  “Chihuahua’s”  little baby pups’  and sister to the smallest of our breed,   you still have  my baby sister,  “little   Miss   Termite” … so a very big  and merry ole “Happy Birthday”  and many more…

I’m sitting on my new owner’s sofa, my new owner “Mary” is just so in  LOVE , with me,  that she has me all dressed up  just so everybody will notice me, that’s because I am so small  and when I am wearing   something   fancy, everybody just has to stop and say  how terrific…  I look  and they are always  so surprised that  – I am full grown  just because… “I’m so little!”

I was just thinking…  that everybody would really have something to talk about, if they saw my baby sister, “Termite” and me together, since she is only half of my size.

  “Termite”  is just a beautiful small,  little and  most delicate  “tea-cup” size Chihuahua  and  the  one and only special Chihuahua!

“Darlene”  I’m sending you a great big hug and kiss from,   me – your little “Beebe!

Also… all friends and relatives up here in the NORTH and colder part of MISSOURI  are sending LOVE and BLESSINGS from our Almighty Yahweh –  to bless you, since you LOVE and care for so many of my ANIMAL FRIENDS and… we  all want this  to be, the very best of BIRTHDAYS  ever,  just for YOU!         D.V.

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