“Happy Birthday Darlene”

“Let “ME” – – be the FIRST…”


“Let…  “ME” – – sing a few  notes… first …  and then – – I want you’all to chime in…when I  give….     the signal!”

Now… if everybody will get up and stand, take in some fresh air  and  get the lungs full of fresh air.

I want this song to sound so good,  that we all,  just may get an offer to  sing    in “HOLLYWOOD”   where we all,  will be  “BIG STARS”  so let us all,  get ready…  and a  one ….  and  a   two,  and  …

                           “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”    to you…….

                   “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘     DEAR  DARLENE…

           “HAPPY BIRTHDAY  and   MANY , MANY ,  MORE…”



Let’s Do It Again,  I want to hear  you!”

Pearl the Piano Cat (1)



Listen for the  NOTE,  that I want you to use    and let us get it right,   NOW! 

I want  to have some FUN  at this party for  Darlene Aldrich, I want to see if she can blow  out, all of those candles that are on her “BIRTHDAY CAKE!”   and I  sure  do hope she does not  catch on FIRE, almost too many candles for a  BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

Now,   let  me   hear all of you  “older” people –  if you don’t sing, you will not receive a piece of the beautiful Birthday Cake.


Don’t forget all of us guys, we decorated the outside and some of your  FRIENDS, brought a wheelbarrow  and it is full of  real nice looking gifts,   just for our  “DARLENE’ .

“Happy, Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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