“Get ready for Mother’s Day”

“Mothers Day Memory from the 1940’s”

 “Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin”  – just one of my Mother’s favorite Ragtime pieces of music – –  and  NOW… just for her enjoyment … TODAY”


…and…  Mom’s favorite movie…  “The Razor’s Edge”


“If you have not read this book – – here is a “Book Review” and more  to follow – – just continue to listen.”


This movie may have come out in the 1945-1946 time frame and my Mother bought the book to read with a couple of other books – – one being “Song of Bernadette” which was for me – – but since I was in the Orphanage at the time – – my Mother left all the books with  me – – in case I would want to read???

There  was a policy that you wee to bring all books to your teacher for approval  – – and “Sister Florence” was my teacher at that time. I was so proud to have several books to read and with some of my classmates went to our class room after Visiting hours – – so that these books could be noted that they were mine and approved.

Sister Florence allowed  me to keep… the “Song of Bernadette book” – – but the others she kept – – I told  her that my MOTHER would want these books back – – as she had not meant for me to have – – and she also has not read. Sister Florence said she would give the books to my MOTHER the next Visiting Sunday. The only thing was – – that when the next Visiting Sunday arrived – – the books could not be found. Not then and never ever were they found???

Evidently some of the NUNS wanted to read these books and were too cheap to buy their  own – – and the money for these books was never given to my MOTHER – – so after that – – never again did I turn anything in to a teacher for approval – – no sense in giving away – – something that was given to me.

Many years later I did see the movie “The Razor’s Edge” – – and have seen it several times  since  and when it was available. The movie star, “Anne Baxter” was a favorite of my MOTHER’s and I also liked her in  this  movie  and several other movies, too – – and of course “Tyrone Power” was in this movie – – and he did such an excellent job – – if the movie were available today – – I would  turn it on  – – just to see…  if I remember  everything that  I liked then and if the movie  –   today  has new meaning – – since so many years have gone by – – and how things are seen today  as yesterday had  different meanings – – just one more time – – I would like to see it!

“In my opinion from what I remember – – there is a lot about LIFE in this movie – – makes you think about LIFE and what you could do – – what you want to do – – and just exactly what will you do in the circumstances – – and time frame of LIFE that you are living – – lots and lots  of brain time working things out this way  or that – – or would this be what is in LIFE for me to do??

“Check this movie out – – let me know if you also liked it?”       D.V.

“Happy Mother’s Day… MOM – – just LOVE remembering some of the good old days – – what we did and what we did  like  – – and just that we were HAPPY with all that we did…DO!”

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