“Mother’s Day …Today”

“Mother’s Day Memories” 5/12/2019


            “Just wanted to  remind you  

                 how very much you’re loved…

                            and wish you  a

                        Happy Mother’s Day!”

                        Love and Blessing!


“  Alyssa  “

 It is just great to be remembered on “MOTHER’s DAY’ from one “Grandchild”    “Alyssa”  while holding the “Great Grandson LEX” – just a wonderful reminder,  that in LIFE – we need to always remember that which we LOVE the most … OUR FAMILY! 

The beautiful flowers are just the “topper on the cake” for the DAY –  just celebrating a very great day with FAMILY and FRIENDS – making it very clear for me to say,  that it is the “MEMORIES” that we share with one another – that makes  our “LIVES”   so wonderful … after all is said and done!     D.V.

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