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Artie Shaw – Beguin The Beguine ( Cole Porter )

Big Band Version of cole Porter’s Famous song

When they begin the beguine
It brings back the sound of music so tender,
It brings back a night of tropical splendor,
It brings back a memory ever green.
I’m with you once more under the stars,
And down by the shore an orchestra’s playing
And even the palms seem to be swaying
When they begin the beguine.
To live it again is past all endeavor,
Except when that tune clutches my heart,
And there we are, swearing to love forever,
And promising never, never to part.
What moments divine, what rapture serene,
Till clouds came along to disperse the joys we had tasted,
And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted,
I know but too well what they mean;
So don’t let them begin the beguine
Let the love that was once a fire remain an ember;
Let it sleep like the dead desire I only remember
When they begin the beguine.
Oh yes, let them begin the beguine, make them play
Till the stars that were there before return above you,
Till you whisper to me once more,
“Darling, I love you!”
And we suddenly know, what heaven we’re in,
When they begin the beguine


Although it predates my time, I’ll never tire of listening to this beautiful and immortal melody masterfully performed by Artie Shaw and his band. Grettings from Lima Peru
Even though these talented artists don’t live forever, I hope that their music does.
Cole Porter was a master of song writing and in combination with Artie Shaw’s mastery of the clarinet, this is the greatest song ever written and played

Don’t Fence Me In – Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters


I just can’t listen to this song, it just reminds me of our Dad. He sang it all the time, especially if he’d had a wee drink, he was such a special man, he sailed with the North Atlantic Convoys in WW2 & risked his life for us so we could remain free. We lost our Dad in 2005. Love you Dad & thank you for everything you did for us.
my grandparents had a ridiculous cowboy bathroom where this song would play whenever you turned the lights on. still love it just as much as when it was still in there.
Played this for my father in law a few hours before he passed was his all time favorite song. While he was resting listening he got the biggest grin on his face I knew he could hear it.

ASeries OfShorts…1 year ago

There’s a reason he was called “One Take Bing” – he’d go in, he’d record his song flawlessly, then walk out.

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