“Remembering my Mother and a Special Photo”

Just the other day, I was showing someone… some of  the many PHOTOS on a wall  and also… more Photos in frames,  to go on another wall, and  also telling them… WHO , When and WHERE… just as much as I could  quickly remember about the person and any and all related facts regarding each and every photo.

Well, there was one PHOTO that was of special interest to one person.

That PHOTO is the one to follow… which is of my MOTHER. They did not see that photo before, and  so, I replied… that if they would have  checked out  my web-site…  they would have seen it!

So… once again my Mother’s Photo, which follows… and it is not in the frame… that it is is in  as it is hanging on the wall, and that we were talking about… but,  and as I say… is a most terrific Photo in my book!

As a nosy person, when I was young and living at home with my Mother… I would go through old boxes of stuff … that was on her shelves,  that were too high for my Mother to reach, and she never did check  any of this  old stuff, as I am guessing…. she did not want anyone to see, that which she did not like!

When I had discovered this PHOTO… I thought it was just  so terrific and so,  I asked my MOM about it.

Why was it not in a frame for everyone to see and hanging  up some place nice?

My Mom just told me to put it back away,  where it was and to forget about it as… it just was not good enough to be seen!

I did put it away, but… I never forgot  just exactly where. And then when it came to the time that we were moving… I put this photo inside an envelope and put it with some of my  very own PHOTOS… just so that I would always know, just where it was.

After a couple of moves and into my own home… this special photo of my MOM… was put in a special frame and hung on the wall for all to see!

Marie Brady – 1918


Miss Marie Brady  – This month will be  her  120th –  Birthday!

On the back of this photo is stamped for everyone to see… that if you want more copies of this “PHOTO”  – the charge would be  $1.00 and or 6 copies for $5.00 –  Now you have an idea of how old the photo is.

I always,  liked this photo of my  Mother “Marie Brady McClarren”   – but… she did not like it – why ??? –  she did not say   and I  could – never ever get a reason?

So, today in Heaven – I know that they are singing and dancing – and they are dancing the “Charleston” – that was “MOM’s” favorite dance – those “Roaring Twenties” and the days of the “FLAPPERS”… must have really  been so much fun for those who like to kick up their heels?

“Happy Birthday” …  to the  “BEST of  MOTHERS …  and wishing lots more … with many more Happy Birthdays  celebrations  in Heaven!

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  • Alan says:

    Happy Birthday Great Grandma Marie! I would have loved to meet you. Many of the most important people in my life are only here because of you.

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