“Never TOO YOUNG to Start with Music”

Back in the 1940’s… when I had ask to take Piano Lessons…Sister Florence  started telling my Mother… “to take music lessons is just too costly for you, a lesson is $2.00 a week and the cost of Music Books, we feel is just too much.”

At that time my Mother was working, and told Sister Florence… that she was able to pay what ever the cost would be… that she wanted me to take lessons.

So, when I was in High School… we found a “Music Teacher” near by… and I started taking lessons. The problem of waiting so long… there were too many other  things to do… and those brain cells with the desire to learn Music… got up and went south.

I was learning lessons week after week, but there were too many other  activities to keep up with also, and I just stopped taking the lessons, but I still have have all of my books, and could still play that which I did learn.

Then when I got married and had children of my own…I knew just what to do!

If you want your children to play music. you have to start them  out as early as possible with their having lessons and practicing  each and every day on a regular schedule.

Also… YOU must be listening and interested in what they are doing, so that they will know that these lessons are so important to you and they will participate fully… as we all know that those that learn MUSIC early in LIFE… develop more brain cells to learn their other lessons in School and all through their LIFE!

So, when I heard about this place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… that taught young children to DANCE and other creative activities… such as be in their  Show on stage for the Parents and others to see them on Stage,  well little Lee was enrolled!

Lee Jr. with Music and Dance Class!

Lee with Music class 001Lee Aldrich Jr. is fourth from left of boys in the first row . Seems like they are having so much fun  listening to the photographer, telling them how to pose!

Lee & Girls 001

Little Lee was the only BOY… enrolled in this  very young DANCE Class… and when we were sitting in the audience… while they were performing their dance…I heard someone say to some others… that girl must not have worn the correct pants or was too cold … to wear what the others were wearing…

“If they would have read the program… she would have noticed…  that his name was not a girl’s name… as this same group were also in another dance… and he wore long pants in that dance, too!”


Music Lessons say “I Love You!”

Lee at keyboard 001Lee Aldrich  Jr. at the keyboard.

Music lessons for my sons… Lee and his brother Al… was the best investment in the amount of love for music they have personally received!

Music Lessons started very early and continued throughout all their School years… as they started out with piano and organ and then continued with the marching band instruments at School  and the Guitar … as that is what you can carry with you to all events”

“In my book…Music is the way to go… for  a better LIFE… for all children”

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