“1900 is the Beginning of OUR Family”

“WHO” – – is This??


This looks like the   back of the “WARNE  AVENUE” four-family flat??

Here is what I did.

By putting this photo on this  “POST” – and then …clicking on the photo… had  the above photo … just large enough – – so that I could tell …from what I was looking at – – this is  a very young Miss Marie Brady  and it looks like little “BERNIE RILEY”  that she is holding.

Maybe –   holding  little  “BERNIE RILEY”   and helping him to blow his nose,  or wiping off his face,  or even just giving him something, like a sweet treat  to eat???

The dress for the “TIMES”… early 1900’s… looks correct.

Marie is wearing a long dark skirt, with high top black shoes,   which was  exactly,  that which the ladies were  wearing in the first quarter of the 1900’s …  and then there is just enough of her face… that I know… since,  guessing the time frame… Marie would be getting married maybe twenty years  in the future and then, Marie would be having me.

I remember that my MOTHER had told me so often, that she so enjoyed taking care of  her nephew, little “BERNIE” –  for her much older sister,  Irene Brady Riley.

Little   “BERNIE” was just the best little boy that any one would want  and because he was so special … and such a really good child,  that some tines… that is one reason that he did not get to live a longer life???

We do have to remember, that not all of us are pre-destined …according to the CREATOR’s plan for us, to all live for a real long time… here on earth.

Just like my  younger sister,  KAREN’s  identical twin, KATHLEEN … was only here,  on earth… for one week???

There are so many things that we just do not have the answers for…  and just have to live with the  strong FAITH…and HOPE… that in believing…  that all the things the CREATOR wants for us here on earth, are possible and done according to HIS – GOOD WORD –  for us to follow.

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