“1919”…and All Dressed for a Picnic!

“Is It…or Isn’t It???”


Who do you think this is…?

On the back of  this photo… the message is referring to Marie Brady – – being very    young  of   age  – – and  she would  be the young lady sitting on the  “running-board”  on the left side of this photo.

The lady sitting next to  Marie – – looks like Ann McKenzie Brady – wife of Thomas Brady… one of Marie’s older brothers.

The children  could be nieces  and or nephews… as it does look like there are  others …behind the car –   and the license plate number looks like 2016 MO 1919 –  – – and with baskets of food – – what else would you be doing  – – back in hat day with a new car to get around in –  “HAVE a PICNIC!!!


This looks like the same  vehicle as the above …

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