“This “DOCTOR” makes House Calls”

Today… When you feel  so bad…  your PAIN is killing you… You do not know what to do for a cure – – – “Let me suggest … the perfect “DOCTOR” for any situation!”

Everyone calls this “DOCTOR”… “Mr. Wonderful” – – He can cure everything and anything… – – and with…  a terrific  “Gift of GAB”  and  a complete range of magic with words – – including  ideas of what to do – – for a perfect cure – – you would be missing the “BOAT” – – if you do not call on “Mr. Wonderful”… for HELP!



“The perfect “DOCTOR” – – the one that will make  “HOUSE CALLS” – – so therefore… He is called “Mr. Wonderful”… himself.” “Here is the real “McCoy… himself”

You know… that… this is “MR.  WONDERFUL” – – – because it is  written  in GOLD  threads on his shirt!    The one and only  “TOM McCLARREN”

If only we could  go … to all of our neighbors’  front door – – and after  we ring the door bell – – and the neighbor….  opens the door – – and gives  – – to you…  the big beautiful  “WELCOME” smile – – you see on  “MR. WONDERFUL’s” face – – you would start to think – – this neighborhood is in HEAVEN – –  –  because   – – like you read in the good book  – – it  states…  to LOVE your  NEIGHBOR – –   and if this is not  the “GOOD NEIGHBOR…LOVE thy NEIGHBOR   with a “Mr. Wonderful”… WELCOME”  – – – well …  “I’LL   just eat my HAT – – and I have   HATS    for every occasion!”

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