“Back in the DAY, MUSIC was TOP-Chart”

Music, Music, Music…

Everybody has a preference when it comes to “Music” and just exactly what “Music”  will motivate them, during those different seasons of their life.

During the ‘baby years’ usually all you hear is the standard  “baby talk-type ” sing-songs,  and a whole lot of  ‘dada’ and ‘la-la’ with no real  thought as to what the ‘baby’ will really pick up… as good music.

My case, my Mother liked,  light ‘Opera’ and had a very good voice and knew the foreign languages and would sing for all to hear.

When there was good music to hear on the radio, we would  all listen  and hear,  and of course she would sing along. Music and words were tops in her book! I do not believe that there was a word she did not know.

When I was in High School, and in some classes, especially Biology, there were words, that  I could hardly say, and spelling was out of the question. But, never ever, could any of my problems stump my Mother, she knew the “how and why” and all about those words, which I never could get to first base with.

Music was something else!

I just loved the 1950’s jazz, and then,  to be able to dance to and sing the words with the music, I was in “Seventh Heaven!”

I always wanted my own old time “Jukebox”, but where would I put it?

Also, when you travel – where in the world would you put the jukebox, and would it survive cross-country moving?

Most important, “Clair de Lune” is one piece of music that was a favorite of Mom’s and… “I always think of her, when I hear it.”

I am making a list of special music I would like for my family to play to remember me and to play each of the songs, that  I selected at least three times, so that wherever I am, then I will hear and enjoy the remembrance!

Music being that part of the soul,  that transcends Love … for all eternity!

Just an old favorite or two  from Teresa Brewer…


Charted at #1 on Billboard chart in April 1950.

With the Dixieland All-Stars.

This was the B-side (!) of “Copenhagen”. “Copenhagen” did not chart, but this became Teresa’s first and biggest hit.

She recorded it many times, but this is the original.

Written by Stephen Weiss and Bernie Baum.

Original Billboard review: “A gay, corny feed-the-nickolodean novelty is sung with infectious vitality, backed with an old-fashioned, thumping orking.

Should be a good one in the boxes.”

The last one on this … is  the #1 song!

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