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The Biden administration is making brash moves to mandate gender identity ideology on Christian college campuses.


In nearly eight months on the job, President Biden has spared no effort in attempting to insert a radical gender identity ideology into federal policy. Even if that means disregarding religious freedom—and common sense.


And now the administration is threatening fines and jail time to strong-arm people of faith into falling in line.


Religious freedom needs protecting. And you can help do that today in one critical case.


The Biden administration has issued a mandate forcing colleges and universities to open their dorms, bathrooms, and showers to members of the opposite sex.


This is blatantly unconstitutional. And one brave college in Missouri is standing up against this edict.


The College of the Ozarks is a religious school in Missouri and the Christian faith is integral to how it operates.


Not surprisingly, the college believes that sex is unchangeable. And it runs its dorms accordingly.


But now, the Biden administration is trying to FORCE the college to violate its religious beliefs and allow men and women to share dorm rooms … and even showers.


With the help of ADF attorneys and the support of people like you, College of the Ozarks is challenging Biden’s mandate in federal court.


The directive applies to all colleges where any student can apply—even private, religious colleges that turn down every cent of federal money. That means there’s no way out.


If College of the Ozarks doesn’t comply with the mandate, it could face fines above six figures.


It’s time for believers everywhere to send a CLEAR message to the Biden administration: We will not stand by and watch as you trod on our religious freedom.


Will you help fuel our case by chipping in $25, $50, or even $100 today?


Today, your gift will help defend College of the Ozarks and stand up for all faith-based colleges that shouldn’t be forced to violate their faith—or common sense.

College of the Ozarks isn’t backing down

The Wall Street Journal dubbed College of the Ozarks “Hard Work U.” That’s because every student at the college has to work.

Students work for at least 15 hours per week at one of nearly 100 jobs on campus. And they graduate without student debt because of it.

Ninety percent of the students have serious financial need. Some are the sons and daughters of missionaries. Some grew up in foster care. Others have 10 siblings and parents who run a farm.


“You’re never going to get me to agree that the government has any right to tell us that we can’t honor our deeply held biblical convictions. [The Biden administration doesn’t] want religious liberty on the national agenda, but we’re going to put it there.”

—Dr. Jerry Davis, President, College of the Ozarks


These students aren’t afraid of a little hard work or an uphill climb. And neither is the college’s president, Dr. Jerry Davis.


Dr. Davis, born during World War II, was one of three boys abandoned by their parents. Raised by his grandparents, Dr. Davis found his purpose in a work school. And now he finds himself at the center of a major federal lawsuit.


“You’re never going to get me to agree that the government has any right to tell us that we can’t honor our deeply held biblical convictions,” Dr. Davis says. “[The Biden administration doesn’t] want religious liberty on the national agenda, but we’re going to put it there.”


He’s not willing to sacrifice his conscience for anyone’s agenda.


Will you stand right now with Dr. Davis and College of the Ozarks against the Biden administration’s aggressive overreach?



The Biden administration is hostile to religious freedom

“The Biden administration is very aggressive in pushing the LGBTQ agenda. And they don’t respect free speech at all,” ADF attorney Julie Marie Blake, who represents the college, says. “They think everyone who’s against them is a bigot, and they intend to give no quarter unless directly ordered by a court to do so—and, even then, not until they’ve exhausted all appeals.”


Colleges that refuse to comply with the directive risk paying massive fines and even criminal penalties.


Bankruptcy could result. Even prison.


This case is about countering an administrative agenda that is at direct odds with religious freedom. It’s about ensuring that a radical gender identity ideology isn’t forcefully imposed on anyone. And, ultimately, it’s about guaranteeing that faith-based colleges can operate based on their faith.


Will you help defend College of the Ozarks and protect religious freedom today?


In November, ADF attorneys will argue on behalf of the college before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit (which is one step below the U.S. Supreme Court).


Your gift today will help ensure that we have all the resources necessary to give the college the best defense possible.


But, more than that, your gift will send a message. It’ll tell the Biden administration and other government officials that—like College of the Ozarks and Dr. Davis—you will NOT allow religious freedom to be trampled.


Please give today.

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