“Grandma and Grandson a RED Letter Day”

When your Grandson looks as enthusiastic as  my Grandson Alan does on this Photo… you are ready to move worlds to have just the best of time together.   “Right Now!”

We are getting ready to do a few things that little Alan wanted to do, and we are just talking about all of the things  he wanted to do… You  can see the excitement  in his face and body… Alan is ready…  for a day trip with good old Grandma, herself!

June | 2016 | Grandma's Stories

Grandma’s Stories
June | 2016 | Grandma’s Stories
Life is wonderful when you receive  your first GRANDCHILD… and in this case…  being a boy… since my own children were all boys, just knew that we would start out on the right foot!
In my case of having boys and also brothers… guess that, I just knew what they would like to do , and since I already had practice… was able to continue with the very same high adventure into the world of being busy doing all the things that they always like to do.
This time… is with  and for my very first Grandson Alan, who also was so enthusiastic and smart… just knowing and catching on to doing everything… right,  from the start!
“Grandmas and Grandsons have the very best of FUN … take it from me, as I know… We did for  all these many years,  and YOU can too!

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