“The Incredible Story of America’s First Pop Star”

Scott Joplin – 1868

While his exact birth date is unknown, the prolific ragtime composer and singer earned him the title of “King of Ragtime.”

His most popular composition, Maple Leaf Rag, also brought him a steady income until the end of his young life.

John Storgion
I wrote a 25 page research paper on Scott Joplin in high school.
His story is absolutely unbelievable, and you did a wonderful job showing the importance of his legacy!
His home is actually still preserved as a national historic landmark in St. Louis, Missouri.


Shane Wright
Before his death, Joplin told Wilbur Sweatman, one of the early superstars of Jazz (still then called Jas) and a devoted fan that he could have have all of Joplin’s notes and manuscripts to do with them what he would.
It’s due to the dedication Sweatman, who died in 1961, and his daughter, that the bulk of the information we have on Joplin including, I believe, the complete score for Treemonisha.
Aside from his devoted curatorship of Joplin’s music, Sweatman had an incredible and fascinating career that saw him become, arguably, the first African American artist with a nationwide fan base based almost entirely on record sales.
He was also a fantastic clarinet player, suffice to say.
Autonomous Collective
I once started playing “The Entertainer” on the piano.
My little daughter came out of her room, all excited.
“It’s the ice cream truck song!”


Gordon Dell
I’ve been saying for a very long time now that if I ever wrote a doctoral thesis, it would be on how Joplin was arguably the single most influential composer on popular music of the twentieth century.
His influence can be felt in every modern genre.
Excellent video and many thanks for making it.


Adam Palm
Scott Joplin is the only composer from the USA recognized worldwide as being as important as the likes of Mozart, etc.


Daniel Gomez
I guess Ragtime music, is the type of music that is instrumental but with really catching up Beats, that form a tune or song.
And I guess when Ragtime music caught up with different people in America, that play that type of instrumental music on a horn session, jazz, the piano, hoedown classical anything like that during the turn of the century.
All of it later came together as pop music.
I also do believe that Opera also played an important role as a another form to develop pop music in the early days


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Ragtime Music : https://ragtimedorianhenry.com/ Scott Joplin (1868-1917) ” The Entertainer ” on my piano roll (pianola), 1902 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = That audio is not from a CD.
Mom 1920's 001
“Ready for good Ragtime Music”

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