“Received the very Best of Thanksgiving Gifts”

This is the very best of surprises for a very Happy Thanksgiving… that I could receive.

When my Grandson Alan came over for Thanksgiving, he had a very large package for me… from his mother, Mary.

When I finished opening the package… this is what I received.

Just look at the beautiful “Baby Quilt” that  Mary had made.

The story of this prize goes back for many many years.

My Mother had several projects that she was going to complete, but having six children, she never got to finish and or have the time, to do what she had alwys wanted and intended to do.

When I was in High School…Television was so new, that very few people owned one and were used to using their free time in doing more creative things… such as making things that could be used as gifts and or for your own household.

About this baby quilt, I did find this package of squares and threads to be used and took the time to do the embroidery work… and did only these squares. I was not too sure of how to complete the quilt as a project so wrapped up the finished squares, and worked on other projects that MOM had.

So… talking to my daughter in law, Mary about these squares… as she was telling me  about some quilting work that she was doing… and so… I just gave these squares to her,  and if she felt there was something that she could do… she was going to try.


Well… this was the best of  “THANKSGIVING DAYS”  ever, in my life time!

When I opened the package that my Grandson Alan brought over for me… it was just unbelievable to see this wonderful creation…. all put together and quilted with a nice amount of warmth in-between… someone in the family is going to receive a most  wonderful gift for a new born baby.

“May the Almighty Yahweh richly bless Mary for all of  her wonderful work she creates for those …  those who would like to do… but just can not without the proper skills… which are needed!”

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