“How Do YOU Mix Christmas with Birthdays”

Christmas and or “CHILD’s” Birthday???

Do you have children and or … maybe  – just one child that  will have a “BIRTHDAY”  in the month of December???  

I’ve  heard of adults recalling – that when they were a child and their Birthday was in December – they always felt that they had been short-changed!

Most – remember that… they would receive a combination type gift – a gift that took care of their Birthday and Christmas – together??

Also,  some other children would have been “LUCKY” to have a definite and separate celebration – they would know – that their “BIRTHDAY” was not “CHRISTMAS” and vice-verse!

Well.  – We were this type of family – one son‘s Birthday is on the 5th of December and  then, another son’s Birthday is on the 9th of January!

Before  either of  their “births” … we would start putting up the “tree” – soon after Thanksgiving – since the stores had all  of their decorations up – and we did like the early Christmas feeling  –  and all  of the fun that goes with getting into  – the “spirit” early – it was fun!

Then, after the “tree” is up – we enjoyed it  –  until – and after “NEW YEAR” – – –  no big rush to take everything down, immediately???

So, here is what we did.

We would have a regular big  “Birthday” party on the 5th of December with all of my son’s friends and or family – and then… the very next day – we would put the Christmas records on the record- player   – – and sing and sort out what  “Christmas ” decorations will go where – and all  of the decorating  – inside and out.

We still – would take our time in taking down the Christmas tree, and all  of  the other   “HOLIDAY ”  paraphernalia!       – And – – Then,  when the next son arrived on the 9th of January!!!   …”Just a few years later!”                                                                 

So,  NOW… in order –  that the children  would know when their “Birthdays” were  and  each – would be  able to have a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” with their friends  and also receive as many gifts  – enjoying as much as their friends  did … and… that their Birthday was special to them –  and also very extra special – –  to us… their parents!

Since, the “THREE WISE MEN” arrived to make their visit to the “NEW BORN KING” – supposedly on the 6th of January – we used that date to end our Holiday festivities – and then, the next celebration would be for our second son’s Birthday!

With young children  “Birthdays” are a very special deal to them… so we plan with them,  for their extra special day with a  big “BIRTHDAY PARTY” – so he could  now invite his friends and we would have some of our family –  – that  – also lived in Florida –  all over to celebrate, too!

Our “BIRTHDAY” and “CHRISTMAS” celebrations worked well –  for us – with this separation  schedule  –  – but I know that there are “BIRTHDAYS” much closer – even some on “CHRISTMAS DAY” – as  for my Uncle Bill Riley.

So, every family has a tough decision to make  – and hopefully – these families  – – -WILL MAKE A GOOD CHANGE SO THAT – ALL IN THE FAMILY –   WILL FEEL THAT THEY ARE REMEMBERED AND  LOVED AS MUCH OR EVEN MORE SO  – THAN OTHERS AT THIS SPECIAL TIME OF YEAR!

For our family – we could start decorating on the 6th of December for the “Christmas TIME” –  – but everything that was for “Christmas” – we would  start taking down on the 6th of January!

This is the way we did this – so that each child knew – when their Birthday was  – and could have friends and completely feel thrilled  with the celebration  – which was just for them – and everyone knew in our family – that “Christmas” was a very special and “HOLY DAY” that we would all celebrate with going to Church – –  –  –

After all is said and done –  –  whose “BIRTHDAY” is it that we celebrate   on the day  – called  “CHRISTMAS” – “NOT MANY REMEMBER – the  “CHRIST CHILD!”      D.V.

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