“Best Birthday Present a real Live Pony”

“A #1 Favorite Birthday Party for Lee Jr.”

       “Happy Birthday…LEE”

No matter the weather…  no matter the age of the boy… when you  receive  your  “first PONY” …  you will be there no matter what it takes … to take good care  of   “Your DREAM”   come true!

This PHOTO  of  Lee Aldrich  Jr., and his best  ever “BIRTHDAY  PRESENT”  a  real live little “PONY” was   what…  I would call, “Top  Drawer”   of  all…  of the Birthday  gifts received!

There was nothing in the world that would keep  “Little Lee”  from being outside in all the snow and ice or even in some rain…

That “PONY”  was what  he  had wanted,  the mostest, in those days  and was  so LUCKY, that  he did receive the “PONY of his DREAMS”  and he was NOW…  in Seventh HEAVEN, Snow  and or no Snow!

“Seventh Heaven” did not last too long” as you can see this PHOTO was taken in our backyard at “100 Cherbourg Drive, 63129”  and evidently  you can not have a “PONY”   in your backyard.    (that is a story for another time)

This next Photo is of Lee Jr., and his new baby brother Al, and this is a new experience having a brand new baby brother and learning…  how to play with Daddy and baby Al, and even a big stuff dog… that  little Lee had to have  for his Birthday… just before baby Al was born!



There will come a day when you are old enough… you can join the Navy, especially when you can swim so well.

One thing that Lee just loved to do, was to swim,  and at a very young age we had him enrolled to take lessons

The Instructor told us that Lee was one of the very best students he had, that he was just a real natural when it came to getting in the water.

In Florida with Lake Melba across the street from us… we just did not want to let little Lee go in… without knowing how to swim.

“Have the best ever of Birthdays!

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