“Celebrating Birthdays in JANUARY is So Wonderful”

Rejoice and Be Glad!

So far in  this …  January, 2022… we have been “Rejoicing and being  so very Glad” …  just to be alive and to be all  together celebrating the extra special   “Birthdays” of  our family members who  are  so “LUCKY” to celebrate a “BIRTHDAY” on the very same day … the ninth of January  … daughter and father… Alyssa  and Al Aldrich!

Every day, that  we have – to be  alive  and with our families and “Loved Ones” – is a definite gift from our Almighty Yahweh,  and we need to give HIM  “Thanks” for these wonderful blessings!

From reading the “Bible” – I had seen and understand that it is most important,  to be grateful and remember to give thanks, which means so very much –  where in reading in the Bible… that which even “Yahshua” had to point out to those living then, only because…  it is so easy to take the gifts… and never ever think to return a “Thank you” to the gift-giver.

Each day,  that I can get out of bed, is truly a blessing. I give thanks that – this is that day…  for me to ask the “Almighty” to show me His will, that which…  I should be doing with those gifts, that He has given to me…  to use for His greater glory!

Everything is His and so as…  I have been paying more attention to all the beauty and wonderful things – that He has given me to share with others, who are more in need and need to be remembered, is truly a Blessing!

I do not know if everyone has noticed that around the “Birth Date” of a family member or friend, that if I can find some pictures, from the date of their “Birth” and any occasion in which they can be seen, those are the pictures, that I try to post – and that’s just … so we can all re-enjoy those “Good Times” we all enjoyed –  so many times before!

All of the silly stuff, which I think of, now, is because when I was in the “ORPHAN HOME” – very few “Orphans” celebrated a birthday.

Some kids had parents, but the parents never, ever showed up for a visit with their own kids. They did not even send a “Birthday Card” … and no gifts were  sent!

I personally think that – that is really  very hard for any kid to take, “Orphan” or a child living at home… with their very own parents!

I was old enough to remember  all the birthday parties we had at our home  with  our parents  and relatives and what fun they were.

My Aunt Irene Riley was a terrific baker, and she would usually do the honors with a home baked cake. She would also  come  out to the “Orphan HOME” on our birthdays  and or bring the cake to us on “Visiting Sunday” and my parents would also  be along to enjoy.


So,  on this coming January 24th,  it … is my brother, above photo… Denny McClarren’s – 83rd birthday – and I sure do hope, that …  I  will find something  very exciting for “DENNY’S  SHOW and Tell”  day!        D.V.

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