“Let the PARTY Begin, It Is Saturday”

“The PARTY – for JAIME is… Tonight!




This is that  –   very “SPECIAL” DAY – when we… are all  ready to celebrate  “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY “?

So…  if you are also ready –  let’s all  get ready to celebrate  with JAIME!

 WE sent the invitations out – and…  so if you find that yours did not arrive  on time – just get in touch NOW, and with ME…

Working just as fast as we can… with and  for you… we will update you – on several things, that we have in the  plans and  on the table … for our terrific  get together and   who all will be doing… what.

As always … some of the places that we will be visiting… as there are always some extra special FAMILY and FRIENDS – that  will be having us over  –  so that with their  FRIENDS … we  all can also celebrate – which will be including, using some of our  extra special skills, that we all have …  and that is just to see, who will be winning terrific prizes just for FUN…

Sometimes there are those that would just like to watch but.  there is always that one of us that would like to show all of us… just exactly how to do everything… and WIN!

So with that knowledge…that there  are those that are our  for sure  natural  “WINNERS”…  they do enjoy  that “WIN  BIG” and combined  “Know How”  to always   winning with so…  much more  FUN in the  GAMES!

I know that  ” Ole GRANDMA”  – has  something … up her ole sleeve for us  to do!

This evening  – has some special things – all set up for  our sweet little “BIRTHDAY GIRL,  JAIME” –  and if you are invited … you KNOW  that YOU will also have FUN and GAMES to really enjoy!

NOW that you know the PLAN… as there is always a plan – and  we all want to take a part  in the sharing  in  lots and lots of  LOVE  and  as we all want to make for certain… being so very  sure, that  our one and only sweet “JAIME” – really will like…  getting to be just one (1)  little ole year older!

( do not forget we will be singing  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  JAIME”  and we want everybody on “GRAND AVENUE” to be able to  HEAR  us – –

so… be sure that  you bring  –  with you… your  full  velocity  –  the strongest singing voice, that you can bring  and muster up…  sing with    an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm… great GUSTO and LOVE )         DV…

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