“50 Years of LIFE… DRESS style Changes”

Some times in LIFE it does pay to keep some of your old PHOTOS… just to compare …

You now,  can compare  where  I am… in the first set of Photos… 

with the second PHOTO below…

“WHAT a drastic change in the dress style of young ladies”


“Just  a pitiful mess… if I say so myself”

“It is just hard to believe”

1952 Classmates

1952 Class 001The  photo on the left  is of  our   Class of 1952   a month or two before graduation.  Front row left to right:   Mary Agnes Seidmeyer  –  Jean Saettele  –   Theresa Wieland  –  Violet Pheiffer   Standing left to right:       Stella  M.  Samtoyo  –  Mary Ellen McClarren  –  and Gail Porter. Missing from the photo  Betty Jean Musgrove  –  Eleanor Faucher  –  Elma Rutherford.

  This picture  was taken  at the corner entrance   of   German St. Vincent  Orphan Home  Gymnasium.  Did not know I would have this photo all these years and should have taken better care of it ,  as well as of a lot of others.    ( let this  be a lesson to you  – take good   care of the photos  you take today  –  you just might want to show them off    sixty years   from now)?

Picture to the right is of Mary Ellen McClarren and  Eleanor Faucher,  taken on front lawn  of Mary Ellen.    They were very good friends   –   spending weekends swimming at  Down’s Swimming Pool on  South Broadway.

If you know of  any of these gals from 1952  –  let us  hear from you?  Remember we don’t have forever to  be  in touch!   We are all   –  highly  prized seniors!



1920’s Mom and Friends!

Mom 1920's 001

This is  a picture of  my   Mother in the  1920’s!  Mom is the good looking gal with the pearl necklace.  I think one of the other girls would be her next door neighbor, Martha Huffman.  The  house does not look  like where my  Mother lived with her parents, but this is taken in North Saint Louis, Missouri.   Maybe you know  where this location is and can let me know?  Sure would like to know what they have planned to do?   They are all so  smartly  dressed and all have such nice hair-do’s.  But,  in those days everybody was always dressed   to  entertain  “royally?    Today,   the high fashion  is in jeans and shorts  –  even in church?   We sure do  a wild   about  change  in our attire!

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