“Nothing Forgotten with the Best of Memories”

All Good Memories

Do You… ever just take the time to consider  for a few minutes each day,  as to what would be of a great assistance to each and every person on this Earth?

Everyone is so busy, in every walk of LIFE… we all have a different plan and path to follow … just trying to do… one too many things in the shortest period of time … that, at the end of the day, we are so very tired and just plain ole exhausted!

So… I have been giving a thought to some good ole times in my past years, that have made me feel real good about the time and the happenings… since we each need to remember more of the GOOD TIMES… than those times,  when we felt, we just are not getting better, as we had planned!

It’s so… “Good to Remember”  – “Good Times” –

Just love telling others of some of my own  old time memories… always some  with friends  and my family  for areal life activity   and also a day in the life  –  connecting the generational link!  

Maybe there is   “Someone of Today”   WHO…would like to be  –     “Remembered    in the  Future”  –  and  in a similar way?

A couple of weeks before my  ‘Graduation Day’  1952   – 

Aunt Irene,  got permission from the Orphanage  to take me for a whole day of  shopping for  my … up and coming Graduation Day…  as that was to be a very special day … just for me.

My Aunt Irene had a list of all  of the accessories  that I was to wear  and starting with all of the underwear  garments … which all just had to be brand new,  as everyone knows that you can not wear a newly made dress… made just for you,  and then wear old underwear, under it and with  –  this very special dress a  white  “Organza dress”… a brand new  YOU…  was leaving the Orphanage and now going to start a whole new LIFE at HOME with your MOTHER!

This was a very special day as the shopping for all new and just so nice of items to pick from  and this also  included “Stockings”  and lastly… a very special  pair of  white heels… (a first for me).  

  Naturally  – we will head for the  downtown St. Louis area – in those days that’s where everything  ‘was’.   

Swoop Shoe  Store,   – had a very nice white pump  – could have been made just for  ‘me’.

Aunt Irene,  was having as much fun as I was  –  had a lot of trying on  –  must be sure of  the fit  –  can’t change our minds  –

  I was so excited!  

  Before heading for home – we stopped at  ‘Miss Hulling’s’  for a quick snack  – talk about everything  on the list – did we forget anything.

  Nothing Forgotten!      Not even the  ‘Best of Memories’! 

When a very special occasion happens to be on your calendar, and you have someone… that  also just so happens to know, what goes with what, and will look so terrific just for this special   occasion…

“MEMORIES” are being made… that will be remembered and stay …  in your Memory box… for ever !

“Thank you   –   Aunt Irene!”

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