“Happy Father’s DAY to”

“Happy Father’s Day to My DAD…Husband and Grandfather”

“Just looking at this old Photo of ME and my DAD… “WOW”… Everybody that knows me … knows how long ago this was.

Being the first child in this family…  was a real practice of learning to do everything according to Hoyle!

There was only the correct way to do what needed to be done…or not done at all.

  On the backside of the above PHOTO of ME…is this list of what I could do and say… and I do believe that it would be a good idea for all “PARENTS” to keep track of what their child is doing in their first months… so when that child is older… they can look at all of their old Photos and see what they did look like… and exactly… that which, they were able to do.

When  I read over the above items, as to what I could do and what… I was trying to do… have to just sit back and laugh…

At my age today… I am still trying to do things that I could once do so fast and without any help… and all my bones and strength were ever so strong… that, I now can not figure out what happened… everything is not the same… somehow or the other… as I must have overused and or worm out some important parts of my brains and muscles.. or whatever it is… that just does not want to cooperate with ME at this age!

This is a nice and real old Photo… I only wish that I did not try to write on a PHOTO… as I did make a mess of this PHOTO and several others.

This was in 1946 and I was glad…   that my DAD was there to take PHOTOS and that we were all so “HAPPY” to have a brand new baby sister…” Eve Karen” …

the only bad thing was that her twin sister “Kathleen” did not live long after birth.

Each baby weighed in at eight and a half pounds… and “Kathleen” had a crushed lung… and I do not think that they really tried to save her!

So… this is LEE Sr. and our two sons…Lee Jr. and baby Al…

and it sure does look like they are having a real good time…

with their DADDY….

only wish that Lee Sr., did not have to die, so early in LIFE…but…  when you have been shot a couple of times… 

when you are a POLICE OFFICER…

there are only so many times that you can recuperate and be strong enough to continue to live.

It is the best thing that you can do…when you have small children… 

Just take as many, as possible PHOTOS… as you can … with their FATHER… especially when you know that the health is not as strong as it should be…

As for the many times that you have to be in the Hospital… with your husband…  you never know when your last good family times together  PHOTO…will be.

Also… must remember my Grandfather… Thomas F. Brady… came to America from Ireland…did what all immigrants do.. study to become an American citizen.

And start working hard…get married and have lots of children.

All his children were well educated …all very smart and lived good long lives…happy in all that they did.. and glad to pass on all of their knowledge forward… to the next generation and then on to the next.

“Just so HAPPY to be able to wish all the men in my FAMILY …




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