“Happy Father’s Day from DADDY’s Little GIRL”

“Another Happy Father’s Day, to “MY” DADDY”

     “From, Daddy’s little GIRL”

 This is a terrific song,   for a “Daddy’s Girl” to hear – and to remember way back into  the 1940’s  – what it was like to be as a little GIRL! –   “That is Daddy’s Little Girl!”

…  and just  a memory –  of  “Daddy and me” – 

“I just LOVE this profile shot of  “DADDY” – and that  “HAT” – it gets a big “WOW” –  – just does wonders for the profile.”

“Daddy had  just completed three (3) – two (2) year stints in the Army  stationed in the  “Philippines” – as he is  in terrific shape,  even after having been wounded.” 

 Seems that I remembered,  my Mother saying that  “DADDY” reminded her of a Movie Star that she liked – I am guessing that the Movie Star’s name was, “George Raft.”   

***  “What do you think?”


And,  this   PHOTO  of “DADDY”  and “ME”   maybe at  two years of age – taken with “DADDY”  is  in the back yard of  my  “Aunt Irene Brady Riley”  in North Saint Louis on Ashland near the “Fair Grounds Park” – everybody and every thing,  that one would need,  all so close  and sometimes even in walking distance!

Nothing like the good old days,  to remember all of the good times    we  all had, as a FAMILY –  no matter where we were  – only  NOW wishing that,   that those days and years,  “wishfully  thinking”   they could have lasted,   just a little longer – and maybe  even a day lasting,  forever!      D.V


“Happy   “Father’s Day DADDY”  – from your little GIRL, ME!”     “Me Ellen” xoxoxo

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