“Happy Father’s Day Lee Aldrich, Sr., Forever More”

“Happy Father’s Day” Lee Aldrich!



Daddy takes time to play  with the newest addition to the FAMILY –  

That is baby AL  and big brother Lee Jr.   – all are down on the knees – doing what babies do naturally – –  they try to get from where they are – to as far  away – –  just as if they can – –  and – as fast as they can crawling  – –  they are crawling so fast –

that even a snail will win this race!

This is Fort Lauderdale, Florida –

the land of strong SUNSHINE – as you can see from the strong light coming in.

That side of the  house is the east side and being a mile from the ocean – – and Lake Melba  –  just  across the street –  –

– too much light is just too much  – –

– when you are trying to take photos of the FAMILY –

and ME – not too well experienced in the proper way to take photos that will be lasting for a LIFE TIME –

because these PHOTOS were taken at least  50 years   ago!

So… the date on the back of the photo was 04-05-1962…

Happy Father’s Day to;  Lee Sr.,   Lee Jr.,    AL  and to all those Fathers –

who will  be celebrating Father’s Day this coming Sunday – –  June 19th, 2022.

May the Almighty Yahweh, bless each and every family … today… 

with all the Blessings, that they need… 

to be just the best of the best  families … now and forever!


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