“Father’s Day Should be celebrated More Often”

      Happy Father’s Day”   img065

This is a… “Day is DONE” photo, as  some one at the Airport  caught all of us  just relaxing … near one of the “Parking Lots” and wanted a photo of us.

Most probably… we are thinking  and talking about… what we will be preparing for the evening meal… and checking with each other as to what they were hoping for… something  fast and easy to prepare… as it is such a nice day coming to an end, and it is just so nice…  to just hang out, for a while… doing nothing special!

This is 1990’s at   Al’s Air Port  –

At just the right time of the day…in that latter part of the day – we  can be, and so often take our selves, to an area that we are  comfortable,  and it is enjoyable to   just hang out – sometimes a Pilot either getting ready to “fly out” and or maybe just a new pilot that is practicing their “take offs and landings!”

As we are just sitting  and taking it easy…looks like  our little “Jaime” is already taking 40 wink’s… till  her bed-time? 

This looks like a very “HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY” – family all around  – as “#1 son Alan” is now… taking this  picture  –

Father, Mother and children and even  our old “Grandma ME” in the picture! 

This is what I call the “GOOD LIFE” – when all the “FAMILY” celebrate being a family every day … and that you can take in some  of the freshest of fresh air in the Country…   as you  breathe in such a  wonderful and fresh breath of  “LIFE!”

Can you read “HAND-SIGNALS” –

Looks like  our little Alyssa… is sending a hand-signal to Daddy?

They must have some extra special   type  or kind  of message  system  going on that…

all the rest of us… do not know??

What about you???

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