“Friday PARTY, is so close… We’re ready”

“Let Us All Celebrate Today with Alan”


“Alan’s BIRTHDAY Party – – FUN for Everyone”

Alan and the Girls! – – “LET us begin…”


Alan invited everybody to his “BIRTHDAY PARTY” and everybody dressed in their  “cool” easy on the eyes Summer Fashion!

If you were at the party to sing “Happy Birthday Alan” and  many, many, more,  just  never can tell  but,  you may be seeing your  “photo”  here, too!

Sure hope that “whoever”  was taking pictures,  found out how to hold those new kind of cameras  extra  steady, because it sure looks like,  to me,  that someone is a real shaker or a  highly nervous and  excitable mover,   when it come to taking PHOTOS of very important people!

“Just one more time,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ALAN,  and many  more!” 
“OH, I  can not   forget”    “Have the best “BIRTHDAY YEAR” starting,  right NOW  and  for ever!”

“Starting  RIGHT about,  NOW!” 

“May “Alan” continue to receive all the best of Blessings from the Almighty Yahweh,  as “Alan”  always loves to share with his family and friends –

As  he is one of the best of friends, of the Almighty  and  doing that which,  all of his followers  do with bonding, reminiscing,  and finding common ground, when you’re spending time with  your loved ones in the coming weeks  and through out the coming years!”     D.V.

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