“Alan, I have been Calling YOU, all-day”

Just wanted to CALL YOU… and sing “Happy Birthday” …

on the telephone to YOU!

But… for some reason or the other…

the phone did not connect to you???

So… I did have to check with a friend …

just to see…  what was wrong???

“No wonder … the TELEPHONE is not ringing”

This looks like my “Aunt Irene”  – – on the left.



I was wondering  – – why she told me the other day she called me  – – so often – – but that I did not pick up the phone – – to talk to her – – 

So… today – –  I receive this PHOTO  — above – – of someone showing  “Aunt Irene” – – that she has just picked up the wrong … gadget –  – – she needs some new glasses…

“Heavens knows… I need some help too!”

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