“TODAY, We All – United need to Celebrate”

4th of July – Celebrate

Americans !   Come to the aid of your Country –  Celebrate!  

While taking an active part  in seeking those who have, and will continue,  with our  Best interest at Heart. 

It took hard-working men and  the cooperation of even the Rivals, to help in the United Cause  of our Forefathers, when they  decided they had enough — 

  Taxation without Representation. 

We are in that same boat, now!

We are in need of help: 

We the people have to get our Country, turned around, with the right people,  put in office, and with the original ideas put back to work, that, ” made in America” made us #1!

How could we forget the Almighty Creator  of  “us” All, that without His direction, our forefathers would not have  sought out,  a place to Worship, without the interference  of Big Government.

Now without Prayer  –  Repentance,   and a resolve to change  our greedy – evil ways  — where do we   think  we and our Country are headed?

Celebrate!   “TODAY”

The 4th of July,  by including the will of our Creator, directing our Path —  Together  —  United!

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