“Try Reading a Really Good Book Today”

A “Blue Bird” with a Message!

The other day I started reading – The Prayer of Jabez  Devotional Book.

 I first received this book as a gift with another book written by   Bruce Wilkinson in July  of 2006.

Good books are like good movies, that you can read and  watch  more times than you can count. 

Like they say about movies  – the first time you watch a movie   – you just do not see half of what you thought you saw   –  and half of the movie did  not make sense and you need to see it again and again. 

That is  so   – with  our life – just as each and every day will go by and by… you have many questions… about all that is taking place and  NOW…  you really want to  know  – what it was –  all  that which  you  have enjoyed… so well and so far … as you are travelling on your  very own path in this LIFE… time!

The same goes for  the really good books,  with me. 

Some books, that I  just have to have  – are in  some special and near by places  – so that, when that moment  in time will come…  I will also know, just when I need  a special uplifting and encouragement… a mental uplifting   –  just to be  mentally refreshed  –  I will have that  just right   book  – right there  –always just  the  best  reading material  –  as handy as it can be!

Today  – as I was reading   “Day  18”   – Power with Purpose   –  that line…

If you want to see the promise in action,  right then a  “blue bird”   hit the picture window with a dull thud  –   going down – but for a moment  –  maybe unconscious   –  regained momentum  – landing on the near by porch rail! 

She looked at me, and  had such a look  –  as if  she asking me…    “why  in the world  is it… that I can’t  be with …  maybe  in there with YOU – can…  I come inside there with you?” 

This was one of those times… when I had to talk to her… as I was actually  asking “her”  –  “are you alright?” 

When  “she”  the bird – was  getting confident of flying, getting a feeling  NOW…  that she could  “FLY”    – off  “she” went.

 Such an earth shaking  mood  to put me in –  as  I was reading   “If you want to see…”    –  “is that an immediate answer  to something   or not?”

Anyway  – I now have plenty of food for thought.

I just love getting so “inspired ” as I read.

Try reading this book if you have  it, again  –   and if not,  the library will have a copy. 

But,  I like to have my  very own books… as I have to write in them as I go along,  and  that’s  for the next generation… to read and   think about what I was thinking about…  at that point in time about the material.

Good books are the best of companions and always so close by  and  best of all  –  so  inspiring!

In these TIMES that we live in TODAY… each and everyday… there are terrific changes in all parts of the world… and wherever we are living… none of us are all knowing …just exactly what the changes in LIFE are… and will be for the future!

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