” Big Birthday Party for Lee, Sr. in Heaven”

“Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich Sr., with Blessings from Heaven”



When this PHOTO was taken, I would have taken more pictures of  “DADDY”   Lee, Sr.,   stretched out on the floor with our  “newborn baby, AL” and  his big brother, “Lee Jr.,”  if only there was some advanced warning in  our LIFE, that “Daddy” would be needing surgery,  within four  short years… from mow,  and so suddenly, not  able to make it, as everything that could go wrong, that fatal night, it was  all … so unbelievable!

TODAY, my feeling is to take more PHOTOS of the FAMILY,  and learn to enjoy each and every moment, because  those  few precious moments,  they  are over in seconds, never ever to return,  and once gone,  never again  remembered, since the brain only received such  short  “snippets”  just not enough to store in the “MEMORY”  bank  for years to come. 

So,  and  unless there are   more  “PHOTOS”  taken and saved of all of the extra special celebrations of LIFE,  just to bring to mind,  all of the “LOVE of  YOUR  LIFE”  of YOU and those You LOVE,  those wonderful memories… that would have been “Keepsakes”   will just  be gone,  forever!

Old PHOTOS bring to LIFE,  at least in  our  mind,  reminders of  those few moments  that,  we all have  and  had shared  a special zest for Living with the true  “LOVES of our LIFE time” – here on Earth! 

There are TIMES when we think that  our LIVES are a piece of “HEAVEN on EARTH”… but,   being young and in LOVE,  our minds are not strong enough to let us really know,  that these few  fleeting moments,  if not  fully enjoyed in the  “here and now”  will have only been  a vague and passing  dream of a time in  our LIFE,  and…  you may have  wished for  “IT” to be forever…   but, there  is  only the  right “NOW”  then it is  “TIME”  forever …  and  “all gone!”

This is when we were living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  and only a mile from the ocean, and when living in Florida… we were regulars, after working hours to plan  on picking up the children … and with all of our gear put the “auto” in that special heading … for our spot  at the  “Beach”  as there is nothing more refreshing than to just relax and rest  in that wonderful sand and  then as clock work … run every so often … just race to see who gets into  that “OCEAN” for that extra special dip… in that “Ocean’s Blue” for an extra special “Tan”  which is so wonderful and free!

 That “FLORIDA SUNSHINE”  would  wake  us all up so early,  no late sleepers, “Mr.  SUNSHINE” would pour himself,   into the  windows  with a  “TIME  to WAKE-Up…  and  SMILE” … as there was no need for an “Alarm Clock”  …  so  Lucky for us, that we all  were “early birds”  always ready,  for that NEW day  alarm with great expectations each and every day to  expect  our LIVES … to include that  full day of …“FUN!”

“Happy … HAPPY… BIRTHDAY …  to Lee Aldrich, Sr., “

and… only the Best of the BEST …  I said so!          D.V.

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