“Back in the GOOD OLE DAYS”

“Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich”

“When this month of August starts, as on the First of August is “Lee’s Birthday” and he does make a big difference in our family… as “LEE” was always … just the best and always  a #1 person in my book!

“LEE” may have known that he was here for only a short period of time… after having been shot was he was a Detective of the Saint Louis Police Department for over twenty years, and in my book just the best of the best Police Officers that have ever lived and also did the best job of working with all the people and in all kinds of situations 

When “LEE” took an early retirement from the Police Department… hi brother “Al” was with the “Dobbs House” organization and they wanted to open their restaurants up in Florida.

So… this gave Lee and me a chance to do something together … working together and learning the restaurant business and best of  all… having that extra income, which all families needed back than, and also today!

This “Dobbs House” restaurant was located across the street from the  “Broward General Hospital”… and guess what… our son “AL” was born there … and my attending Doctor had his office next store to our restaurant!

There is something about this great big world, being on the “small size”… when you think back to those good old days… when we were all so young and always looking for new and better ways to make this great big world come down to a normal family size arrangement… where we can all live and be very happy… learning new and different ways of creating a very happy family … just doing each and every thing … for all the next generations and newer families that will  follow in our footsteps!

“How is this for a PHOTO – – Lee and ME!”

One of our regular customers — during the “SEASON” wanted a PHOTO of us – – to take NORTH – – when he returned home – – so that he could tell all of his friends – – what  a terrific guy, “LEE Aldrich” is – – that when they go to Florida – –

They have to be sure… to tell them  (that is Lee and  Me) – – that they… also like going to the “race track” – – as Lee always knows – – which horse will WIN!

“And… this is the customer…

…with my husband, Lee – – – 

… they like  watching the “ponies” running  — – –

… and once in a while – – maybe … picking a WINNER!”

The list of of the regulars at the “Snack Bar”

… also – – in season… at the “RACE TRACK”


… where  “FUN in FLORIDA”  is the name of the GAME!

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