“What a DAY to GO to Heaven”

Big Al

Many events of worth 

Took place in ’62. 

Man first orbited Earth,

The planet, green and blue.

There was the crisis

With Cuban missiles.

People tried to entice us

To change civil judicials.

The Space Needle tower

In Seattle was completed. 

Spiderman first came to power 

In comic books, undefeated.

The Beatles performed;

Their first single was lit.

The Rolling Stones formed, 

Launching hit after hit.

Elvis Presley, King of Rock,

Released album number five,

Right before Spock 

From Star Trek went on live.

Of all the exciting stuff of the era,

The most monumental of all,

Was the big-puff entrance where

Dad ushered into the world as “Al.”

As a kid, I was often the new girl in school,

Teachers asked me to share something rad

About myself, something I found to be cool, 

I told them I was born the same day as my dad!

Dad will be remembered for his brilliance,

Undeniable charm, wit,

Free-spirited resilience,

For being open-minded and having grit,

For his generous heart of gold,

Ways he influenced us,

The stories he told,

His laughter, so robust.

My entire life, Dad was a cool guy,

A steadfast presence.

Now, angel in sky, 

I remember his essence:

Laughter ensuing 

All day long,

And carefully choosing

Words written in song.

Appreciating quirks of a fellow human

Reminds me of lessons

That he would illumine

During euphoric brainstorm sessions.

I always knew he was looking out

For my best interest all along.

In my mind, there was no doubt,

My dad, he was so strong.

He was genuinely curious about our lives, 

Attentive, loyal and very accepting.

He walked us down aisles to turn into wives,

By our side, always respecting.

We talked together about all there is;

He was eager to hear my suggestion.

Dad was a creative force, I know this.  

He forged the way without congestion.

He never felt the need to conform

To a pre-existing standard of living.

He was passionate, beyond the norm,

Pursued things he loved, while also giving.

He’d muse over an ideation,

Extracting something comical, 

From his endless reservoir of creation,

Making storytelling astronomical.

His sense of humor was remarkable.

There was so much he cared about.

So in no particular hierarchical,

Here’s what he did in life throughout:

He was a multi-instrumentalist musician, 

Guitarist, pianist and songwriter who sings.

He was a man on a mission,

Who could fly anything with wings.

Airplane and helicopter pilot,

Motorcyclist, aerospace engineer,

A lot of this, he did in private,

Too much to mention here.

Self-published author, 

Connoisseur of film and rock n roll, man.

Aerocad Chief Executive Officer, 

Plus a diehard Days of Our Lives fan.

Of the many accomplishments in his lifetime, 

The most everlasting was becoming a father,

Creating a multi-generational familyline,

And don’t even bother 

Worrying about generations still to come. 

Each and every descendent 

Will know who they’re from.

They’ll understand the transcendence.

There’s no way they won’t when

All of us were named 

After the man, myth and legend.

His mark was proclaimed.

Alan, Jaime Allison and Alyssa.

Dad even chose the naming of Lex,

Passing down traits like a genius militia,

So his genes can live on to the next.

I really admire the person Dad was. 

He was methodical and strove for precision.

He was deep and lived for a good cause,

Always full of intellectual wisdom.

He balanced his headiness 

With lightheartedness, of course.

He always had a readiness

To tap into his source.

Even handling terminal illness,

Embracing the inevitable 

Took courage and stillness

And showed he is incredible.

A man with big dreams 

Has now come to perish.

Heartfelt loss bursting at all of our seams,

Leaving us with memories to cherish.

Dad’s precious life reached the end of its rope.

It’s the greatest loss I’ve ever had to face.

Now we’re left to struggle to cope,

And treat our sorrows with gentle grace. 

I miss Dad and hope he knows what he meant,

As we yearn for more experiences.

However, I’m grateful for the quality time spent,

Creating lifelong bonds, and what’s serious is:

Those bonds will connect us for all eternity, 

Into whatever afterlife has in store.

In this life, there was paternity,

Perhaps, what’s next is more.

I’ll wish so badly that I could see Dad again, 

Talk with him, hear him, hug him, joke around, 

Jam out, play and just be with the champion,

Enjoy his love and laughter abound.

Mortality is a concept with complexity 

Difficult to fully comprehend. 

The universe is vastly interconnected allegedly,

And there’s an illusion to the bitter end.

It feels like a mind-blowing symphony,

Conjuring up a grand finale in the final breath,

With vibrations from tones and sweet imagery

As if parting ways at the valley of death.

But, reality is full of infinite potential,

And it comforts me to know my dad.

Knowing how he’d respond is essential

To carry on with what he would have had.

I also won’t hesitate to look for a sign

From him when he is on the other side,

Letting me know that everything’s fine,

And feeling his powerful love as my guide.

Alyssa Leverenz

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