“Today and everyday we say our PRAYERS”

“Now I lay ‘ME’ Down to Sleep”

“Little Miss Bebee… praying for peace on earth and good will to every human she knows and loves;

and we start with…especially the ones she loves to bark at, Donny Crangle, Melissa Crangle (Meme), Alan, and those she hears coming thru the door everyday, Amen.

Oh, and she forgot to mention “Grandma Mary Ellen Aldrich,” who visited  all of those  mentioned above  at Thanksgiving TIME and also  Alan… on Alan’s birthday!

She loves everyone who wants to hold her, like Ryder, Donald Crangle (Papa),Owen and his mommy Taylor Nicole Dalton.

Little Miss Bebee goes everywhere with Mary Quinn Crangle whenever she can.

She misses seeing her friend, Daisy, but hopes to visit her soon at Donny’s house, where she spent most of the summer with Mary Quinn Crangle.

She loves her family of friends who she runs with, especially her true love, “Turbo,” who always comes home to her, after his busy days in the back yard, and  in the woods, with Bedee and Zecee, guarding us.

God bless us here and there and everywhere


and  this is from…

Mary Ellen Aldrich – 

 I think that  our little  “Miss Bebee BABY”  is the sweetest of all … looks like she knows how to pray for all of her friends  – D.V.



“Miss Bebee said her prayers today, and will forever more… always remembering her wonderful family of  so very  many  friends!”

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  • Chris says:

    Oh my, what a cutie! We share our home with Chihuahua/Dachshund mix named Conrad. They truly are “man’s best friend.” Hard to believe Ms. Bebee and Conrad are descended from wolves. We also have a cat, Louis. My guess is that the cats refer to us humans as “cats best friend.” Louis acts as if he is Louis XVI around here, and we are his servants. He lets Conrad know whose boss by whacking him on the head every now and then. He likes to lay on my wife at bedtime. If she starts talking when he thinks it’s time for bed, he voices his displeasure. She’s created a tyrant!

  • Mary Ellen says:

    “Wanted to reply … right away… but right now … can only think about what has just happened… my son “AL” died Sunday… and everyone is here to comfort me… it is so unreal… trying to write only about “AL”… never ever want to let him go”

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