“Remembering Some Old Times as Making New”

“Some Old Memories are Still the Best”

Mickey McLaren – Down Memory Lane


When you think back… to when you were a kid,  in  Grade School,   maybe–  Do you remember  a few of the  old Names  and or  some old  Friends – just exactly who and what do you remember and why?

Can you think of a couple of your old friends names,  do you  have any idea of … “What in the world could they  NOW…be doing?”

So, as I am starting to remember and thinking about some of the good old days…  way back when in grade school,  that is always a great place  to start and see  just what  I remember… have to almost start as to when  some things  were happening for me…  and so very important for young people… as that is when we really  start to making fast connections … as to what is going on… as we  remember for always and forever!

ME 001

“Today?” … As I am thinking about years gone by… America is making HISTORY… all about the next election that  will be making a big difference … because… we  all want to know for sure  WHO  will WIN….  and that question – maybe for months…  so that puts  everyone in a mentally standstill situation?

Due to the situation in the whole world today… the quarantine and coronavirus  virus…

Things just are not the way they  were … back in the days that I am remembering  and NOW… come to think about it… may never ever be like the good old days… that we had and when they were really  the good times!

 So… It  must be the change of weather and the  “Stores” with all  of the next Holiday Decorations and  ideas –  gets you to thinking of all the get-to-gathers  … of which we can not do…  and or have… but some may do… just because… some always do what they want to do… when they want to – and who will I see  and or remember  – from long ago?

Dorothy Jorgensen  and I ran into each other near the O’Fallon Park, in north Saint Louis, Missouri in the early 50’s, and had a real good time . We should do it again?  

Linda Crow and I would listen to  the radio.

   We would push our beds closer together  to hear  the radio    –   as late as we could or until we fell asleep.  We did not want everybody in the Dormitory to know we had the radio on – when it was “light’s out time!”  

It was a good thing,  that the  “Nuns” rosary beads and keys would hit their knee as they would be walking down the corridor halls  — it gave us  a   “head’s up  –  trouble on the way”   –  kept us out of harm’s way!

Lucille Yoergler, one of the best looking gals, and with such beautiful natural curly hair.

When she would be doing  her music lesso alsons… I would always  be eager to bring her something she would like… so  that she would  try playing this new piece of music, that I had just received from my Mother! 

That’s the way it is in LIFE… have to have something to give someone so that they will want to do… that which  YOU want them to do for you… and sometimes… in the end… you both end up being friends…forever!

Today,  my  sons and grandchildren all  have musical talent,  and when  they are playing music  –  some real good old memories … just a keep a coming my way!

“Looks like … “YOU” may be next on my list to call… sure do hope that you also like for “OLD” friends from long ago…  to call on you today or tomorrow!”

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  • Alyssa says:

    I love these photos of you, Grandma! 😍 And such wise words 👏🥰

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “You called iit…Wise Words… would you believe… Gail Porter Pidgeon, an eighth grade classmate called me late on my BIRTHDAY… what a surprise and like my last words above… old friends from long ago… will call each other”

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